Camo & Krooked “Chrome Project” Free Giveaway.

When I picked up Camo from the airport back in October for the Idiosynphonic Launch Party I asked him how their Chrome project was coming along. For those that don’t know Chrome is their alter ego for all C&K’s non dnb stuff including more downtempo and minimal styles of music.

He told me that unfortunately due to the massive rise in demand for C&K they had had to put Chrome on ice for the time being, perhaps indefinitely. Whilst this is a massive shame it means they can throw all their attention behind what they do best with dnb.
They’ve just announced today that as a farewell to Chrome and to say thank you for all the support received they’re going to give away a free Chrome EP with 6 unreleased songs.
You can download that here:



Chrome – Antigravity
Chrome – Metastasis
Chrome – Paranoia
Chrome – Safari
Chrome – Werdegang
Chrome v.s Body & Soul – Shiver

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  1. [...] they decided to put “Chrome” on hold and in a moment of inspired judgement; give away 6 of their tracks for free. Included in this pack are a few stormers, one of which in particular holds my fancy. [...]

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